Selected Exlibris

Created after 2017 by using traditional and digital techniques.

Take a look the exlibris designed before 2017.

Exlibris A. Oskay, 87x120 mm, CGD, 2020.

Exlibris B. Dellaloglu, 116x100 mm, CGD, 2018. Awarded the Honorable Mention in the International Exlibris Competition organized in collaboration with Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus and Silesia University in Poland.

Exlibris C. Cender, 75x130 mm, CGD, 2020.

Exlibris D. Oney, 89x125 mm, CGD, 2019.

Exlibris I. E. Ertürk, 94x110 mm, CGD, 2017. Exhibited in the 13th International Ex Libris Competition between September 29 and October 29, 2017 at Lyuben Karavelov Regional Library in Ruse, Bulgaria.

Exlibris E. Turhal, 88x120 mm, CGD, 2018.

Exlibris O. Durmaz, 69x120, CGD, 2017. Exhibited in the International Ex-libris Competition Spirit, Gallery 36.6, University of Silesia. Poland

Exlibris I. Erdek, 85x125 mm, CGD, 2019.

Exlibris N. Atasoy, 104x105 mm, CGD, 2017. Exhibited in the 7th Contratalla International Biennial of Exlibris in Tarragona, Spain.

Exlibris S. Gölcük, 82x130 mm, CGD, 2019.

Exlibris S. Oduncu, 88x105 mm, CGD, 2018. Exhibited in the International Competition for Exlibris Gliwice, Poland.

Exlibris Necmettin Erbakan University, 125x125 mm, CGD, 2021. Awarded the Honorable Mention at the International Dervish Yunus Emre Exlibris Competition organized by Necmettin Erbakan University in Konya, Turkey in 2021.

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